2017 - 2018 Officers and Committee Chairs


President   Danielle Burkhardt
Vice President    Jorge Cabrera
RUAA Liaison   John Leberfinger
Secretary/Internal Communications   Open
Asst. Secretary/External Communications   Zuzana Harvis
Treasurer   David Reyes
Assistant Treasurer/Finance   Ben Grippi

Committee Chairs

Advisory Council   Bob Sochor and Jackie Freedman, co-chairs
Career Resources   Lisa Buono and Barbara Newman, co-chairs
Events   Dan Flynn and Samantha Smitte, co-chairs
Nominations   Bill Markey
Recognition   Open
Scholarship   Jeff Bunin
Technology   Luis Rosado
University Outreach: School Administration   Bill Downey and Ryan McDonough, co-chairs
University Outreach: Students   Jonathan Anthony and Syed Ahmed, co-chairs
Volunteer Outreach   Brandon Jackson

2017-2018 Organization Chart