All persons who hold degrees granted by either the graduate or undergraduate business schools of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey or its successors or predecessors shall be considered members. Membership commences immediately upon graduation and there is no annual membership fee.

Events & Programs

The RBSAA is constantly developing programs for the benefit of its Members.  To get more involved with the RBSAA please click here.

Last year the RBSAA sponsored a number of programs including:

RBSAA has an Annual Membership meeting.  Giving every Rutgers Business School Alumni the opportunity to help shape the RBSAA agenda for the coming year by voting on candidates for the Board of Trustees.

RBSAA hosted a tent at Homecoming.  Providing Business School Alumni the opportunity to grab a quick bit and enjoy the camaraderie of Rutgers Business School Alumni before the big game.

RBSAA offered an advanced business seminar presenting the concepts and application of Lean and Six Sigma from the executive/management perspective.

RBSAA organized a summer golf clinic.  Offering a chance to sharpen golf skills, develop good golf habits, and enjoys a Rutgers Business School alumni networking luncheon.

RBSAA offered a series of wine primers and seminars.  Including a lecture/discussion with a leading wine industry expert  and the tasting/discussion of 6 different types of wines.

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Other Benefits

All Rutgers Alumni receive access to and discounts on a variety of services. For details on all current benefits available to alumni, please click here.